analog and digital experiments, mixed media, sculptures, prints, textile art, kleinKunst, murals, room installations, art-photography, costumes and masks, sometimes analog and digital (live) visuals, ...


paintings, drawings, vector and pixel-art, paper-art, character design, 3D and isometric art, concept-art, magazine and book illustrations, portraits, pattern-design, diorama, ...


exhibition design, all kinds of vector-graphics like lasercut-templates, icon and logodesign, info-graphics, maps, cover-art and typography for printed matter (poster, books, flyer, folder etc.), ...

Open for commissions,
collaborations and art-shows.

I always try to work as eco-friendly as possible!

Jasmin Hagleitner a.k.a. eekhoorn studied in Innsbruck and Salzburg and works as a freelancer since 2007. The focus of her artistic work is on the interplay of the natural and the technological world. Therefore she experiments with various analog and digital techniques. In symbiosis with the machine, eekhoorn fullfilles her self-imposed duty, in giving the entity "nature" her voice.

Because the universe seems to be endless, she decided to imagine a (not-so-far away) planet on her own.

A colorful utopia where humans so-called (eekhoorns) are intelligent animals that live side by side with nature. The seemingly harmony somehow always got disrupted, so eekhoorn decided to build a second, dystopian planet in her star system. Under the pseudonym xxmocc she exploits, also in collaboration with other artits, the dark side of existence. Strictly in black & white, desaturated urban jungle motifes and a limited edition - fashion line, ... she tells a post-apocalyptic #xxstory about (y)our dystopian future.


6020 Innsbruck / AUSTRIA

Ich spreche auch Deutsch!